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Our New Parmesan Block has arrived!

Rich, salty, better than any vegan parm you’ve tried! Our hand-made blocks of old-world parmesan will have you craving it after the first taste. This hard cheese grates and melts. Shave it on crackers or pasta for a “wow” experience! Get it Here


Why You’ll Love
Caramelized Garlic Cheese

Start with extreme creaminess. Then add fresh garlic caramelized in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Swirl it throughout the cheese and top it with more. Nut-free, gluten-free, no trans fat, cholesterol, lactose or dairy products
Due to popular demand, you can now get this delight year-round here!

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 more e-commerce locations to find us:

Nude Foods Market is an e-market servicing the Denver & Boulder area with zero-waste food, products and delivery. (They deliver on bicycle!) They also have a store at 3233 Walnut St in Boulder, CO. and pick up location in Denver.

Retailers, you can order us at www.Faire.com , as well as directly via facebook or Instagram message!



Rebel In The News

Can’t give up dairy? Here’s some advice to help!


Meet Malina Farias, founder of
Peaceful Rebel, in this featured

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Even more cheesy happiness
from the Hungry Herbivore Kitchen!

Chef Lorna Rosenblum has tasted & cooked her way through more than 30 countries, ending up as ship’s cook for Sea Shepherd. Now, Lorna has created  a series of really unique and tasty dishes with our cheese. And they are so easy! You’ll definitely want to try them all.