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 You’ve waited for it all year, and now it’s back! Best-seller cheeses for the holiday season:
Whiskey Bacon and Chocolate Port. 

Whiskey Bacon Vegan Cheese: smokey, with molasses and whiskey to get you through the holidays. Get it here
Or at Nooch Vegan Market in Denver.

Chocolate Port Wine. Need we say more? A striking, delicious addition to your holiday charcuterie tray. Get it here
or at Nooch Vegan Market in Denver

more ways to shop us

 more e-commerce locations to find us:
Nude Foods Market is an e-market servicing the greater Boulder area with zero-waste food, products and delivery. (They deliver on bicycle!) They also have a new store at 3233 Walnut St in Boulder, CO!
GTFO It’s Vegan is the country’s largest all vegan e-store. They have everything! Do all your shopping in one place.


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Even more cheesy happiness
from the kitchen of Hungry Little Herbivore!

Chef Lorna Rosenblum has tasted & cooked her way through more than 30 countries, ending up as ship’s cook for Sea Shepherd. Now, Lorna has created  a series of really unique and tasty dishes with our cheese. And they are so easy! You’ll definitely want to try them all. 


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