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At Peaceful Rebel, we don’t believe in bland cheese. We like ours with layers of taste and texture.
And meltability.
The ingredients are simple and pure. Just like nature.

Our sharpest cheese, yet: Goat Style Vegan Cheese. Pungent, earthy and super sharp.

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Envision green sprouts and Spring shoots! Limited edition for Spring; Green capers, extra virgin olive oil. semi-soft

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Why choose non-dairy cheese? Dairy is high in cholesterol, which raises LDL levels in blood. Higher dairy consumption is associated with osteoporosis and increased risk of prostate cancer.
Need more reason to quit dairy? Cheese is packed with a little something called casomorphines, which are, you got it, morphine. That’s what keeps you coming back for more –and more and more.

So, what’s preventing you from switching to a plant-based cheese? Maybe the choices are overwhelming. You may have tried that one big brand that tastes like cardboard and perhaps gave you indigestion. That’s because it’s probably made out of non-food ingredients, ie, oil & fillers.

At Peaceful Rebel, our cheese is made from whole foods like organic soy milk, non-GMO tofu, and coconut oil. We use naturally fermented vinegars and miso, which are so good for your digestion. It is packed with flavor and has 3-4 gm of protein per serving. Ingredients

So go ahead. Say cheese. just make sure it’s Peaceful Rebel.
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