For some great recipe ideas, check out these created by chef Sarah Eastin.


Springtime brings spring green and Ash Creme Cheese.

A Romantic Valentines Day with Queso Fresco, Peach Preserves and Love Letters

Late summer Mozzarella picnic
Herbed Feta snack

Fall is the season for picking organic grapes and making them into a lovely, deep purple sauce.
Shown here spooned over Queso Fresco. Such a versatile cheese.

Mozzarella (above) and Extra Sharp White (below) with late summer peaches from the garden.

Smokey Provolone with asparagus and sage.

Smoked Gouda is a wonderful fall addition to the cheese board;  summer fruit cup with papaya, cherries, and Feta.


Red & White pizzas with Mozzarella                           what is pita without Herbed Feta?

Caramelized Garlic – an uber-sophisticated cheese only available in late summer

Chipotle American and American, free of  chemicals and trans fat.

Extra Sharp White Cheddar brings you back to a time when food was nutritious and bursting with flavor.

Sundried Tomato Feta;                                        Extra Sharp White Cheddar in fresh raspberry ice cream.

Garlic Feta to satisfy the primal urge for GARLIC!

Extra Sharp White makes a statement on a sandwich; Feta salad; Queso Fresco topped with red pepper relish.

Queso Fresco